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Career Advisor Resume Optimization Resume Marketing & Interview scheduling Technical Training & Guidance Compliance, Onboarding, And Background Check

Career Advisor

The Assistance of career experts to introduce you to the GetAJob Process how it works and what are the best ways to get the desired outcome.

What All You Get at This Level

A Personal Career Advisor with Sound Technical Knowledge to understand your requirements and Expectations Quick Resolution of Queries at the Earliest in 24 hrs.

Resume Optimization

Your resume creates the first impact on your interviewer. So our Resume Optimization services team will optimize it in such a way that it meets the perfect US job market standards. Thus your first impression gets the Best!

What All You Get at This Level

An Experienced Resume Building Team Prepared 1000’s Successful Resumes Designs CV that is the choice of the Recruiter.

Resume Marketing & Interview Scheduling

Our Resume Marketing & Interview Scheduling Team will connect with you to understand what your expectations are. They will carry on with comprehensive research on how to assist you to get the best outcomes at the earliest.

What All You Get at This Level

Dedicated Personal Recruiter with Vast Experience in the Recruiting Market Get 25-50 in Technology Profile in a Week.

Technical Training & Guidance

Technical Training & Guidance is designed to strengthen your skill and work-related aspects and make you ready to gain the desired job. We offer complete guidance with a set of activities like resume awareness sessions, webinars, and assessments.

What All You Get at This Level

  • One-on-One Training
  • Resume Awareness session
  • Mockup Interview Session
  • Industry Experts to Mentor
  • Weekly Webinars & Assessments

Compliance, Onboarding, And Background Checks

Once you get a job our experts in this department will assist you with all the required documentation once you get a job. Also, offer convenient background check services as per your requirement.

What All You Get at This Level

  • Helps in All Documentation Work
  • Quick & Easy Onboarding Process
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